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Operation Prime Red: Shipping Your Projects

Shipping. A phrase coined by the marketing guru, Seth Godin, and recently exercised by a good friend of mine, Randy Redhead a.k.a. Prime Red.

He recently released his new project “Letters from the Architect” on Bandcamp, and today, officially launched the music video for his single “Billion Dollar Business!”

Shipping is never easy and Prime Red can testify to this. The project had been stewing in his brain for months and during production, he came across numerous frustrations and moments of fatigue. Never did I hear him mention, “letting this one go”.

As you can see from the support of friends, family, trusted colleagues, and new fans — Prime Red has inspired and motivated so many people around him, inspiring what they have coined #theresistance. Music and sound that stays true to the artist and that resists the duplication, simplification, and vapid creations found in music today.

Big Ups! to the man who ships his project, shares his passions, and lights the path of those around him, thereby lighting his own!

Check out Randy Redhead and his projects at:

Bandcamp: Primered.Bandcamp.com
Twitter: @PrimelabsQW

Billion Dollar Business [Official Video]