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Martial Business: The Brutal Nature of Gentle Influences

I learned in martial arts that a force can be redirected through gentle movements that will take it off its course/target over a distance.  The same way a fist can be moved to miss a target, so can your focus be side-tracked through the gentle influence of your friend’s, family’s, and co-worker’s ambitions for you.

It is easy to head-off and avoid or overcome those direct oppositions that stand in the way of what you want to accomplish in life, but what about those who care for you? Those who have their best intentions for you? Those who have their own vision of what you should do or where you should be within a company?

It is important to remind yourself of your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals EVERYDAY in order to keep yourself on target.

Remember, like in martial arts, a small adjustment or influence may not appear to affect you in the present, but over time you will have missed your target completely!

Winner of Best Business Pitch for Full Sail Ace Awards 2009

This is old news, but since my blog is new I wanted to share it with everyone.  It was one of a lot of great moments I had while attending Full Sail University. 

Best New Business Pitch

EBMS student Seythe J. McCoy took home the prize for Best New Business Pitch for his idea, Duvar Shoes. McCoy’s plan is an online shoe store that sells boutique women’s shoes exclusively on the iPhone or other smartphones. McCoy said the programming for the app will begin this summer, and he hopes to open a warehouse in Miami. “It was a niche that just wasn’t being met,” pointed out McCoy.


Ode to Monday — How I love thee.

Oh how I love thee Monday…

Not the beginning of the week, but just as important. The world awakes when you arrive.  No more fatigue, no more slumber, life dances before your very eyes.

The streets fill with passerby and money exchanges hands and you are never late, always consistent, taking a weekly stand.

Oh how I love thee Monday. No other day is thee. You triumph every time you appear. The bell rings and the floor moves, the phone rings and I am never bemused. Oh how I love thee Monday.

See, there are those who are jealous, and curse your name, but I will never recant my love for thee again. For you open doors, re-ignite ambition, and never cease to amaze,

So as you resign this is my ode to you….till we meet again.

Travelling the Boulevard of Broken Dreams….Never Stop, Never Rest.

In 2008, I made the decision to attend graduate school. I soul searched, I researched, and then I choose the school I felt fit me best.   In September of that year, I packed everything I owned into a car and made my way to Florida.  Did I mention that I didn’t have a place to stay, a vehicle, nor a job lined up?  I arrived on Friday. I found a place next day and had my first day of class on that following Monday.

It’s now September 2010. And as I was traveling, I found myself on an unfamiliar highway, one that I hadn’t needed to travel on in over 2 years.  The same highway I took to get into Orlando.  When it came to me where I was, this dark highway began to trigger emotions and memories I had long forgotten.  These emotions were of when I first drove this highway on my way to grad school.  I didn’t know what to expect, I was doing this alone, I had something to prove.

Thinking to myself about all that happened– This journey has been an incredible drive and, over this year or two, I  accomplished so much:

  • A Master’s Degree
  • VP of the Music and Entertainment Student Association
  • Produced an event Featuring the Company Manager of Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba
  • Coordinated and MC’d an amazing Student Open Mic
  • Learned Parkour
  • Met a great group of friends that I can call Family (S/O to the Super Friends)
  • Formed my first company with incredibly talented business partners
  • Created a new website for a huge Non-Profit
  • Found an internship with evolveALOUD ; got hired by the company; recently got a promotion.
  • Best of all,  matured and became a better man.

No car for a year, no stable home, worked until the wee hours of the night to make ends meet.  Such a long haul.

All in all,  I MADE IT!

And it feels great!

As you travel the boulevard of broken dreams, never stop for gas, don’t pull over to rest…. give it a glance through your rear-view to remind yourself how far you have come and Drive till you reach your destination, without giving those left behind a second thought.

The Passion of Your Idea

Success has a simple formulado your best, and people may like it.” — Sam Ewing

I sometimes worry too much about selling an idea, even before it has developed.  As I’m mapping out my vision, my mind begins to wander into other facets of the soon-to-be business. My mind leads me into market segmentation, financing, company structure, etc. and I soon get farther and farther away from developing my idea.

I don’t know why I do that, but what I realized is that too many times, I don’t put enough emphasis on forming the core idea before moving on to how to sell it.  I know I am no the only one.  There are many who suffer from the same symptoms. Here is the solution though, if you can focus 100% on forming the idea, and put your passions into developing a complete product or service, you will find someone who is passionate about selling and the art of marketing to get involved and sell it.  Even if that person is you alone at first.

In this digital world, people are reaching out for something genuine and are gravitating towards ideas that convey passion.

Slow down, take the time to put passion back into your ideas.

A Vision Worth Planning For: Live at Water-Front Property in Belize For Under $1500 a Month

$1500 dollars a month can get you a maid, gardener,  and water-front property in a Santa Fe adobe-style home with gardens all around in the beautiful country of Belize.

Something worth planning for

Here is a simple monthly budget for a couple living an expatriate life in Belize:

  • Rent: $300
  • Utilities, telephone, and Internet: $500 (Your biggest expense in this country.)
  • Groceries: $150
  • Health insurance: $50
  • Entertainment: $100
  • Car expenses: $300

Understanding Personal Finance and how to effectively manage your finances at home is crucial to not only improving your present livelihood, but can also allow you to plan for a comfortable lifestyle after you retire – Be that at 40 or 65 years old!

Read more about the Belize Life Style Here

Birthday Reflection: Stay In The Climb

What a great birthday weekend this has been for me!  I cannot express my appreciation enough for those who took the time to reach out and say ‘Happy Birthday’ and to those who I had the chance to celebrate my birthday weekend with.   I hadn’t heard from some of them in years and I am really glad to see that they are happy and healthy. I was excited to hear about new children born and seeing daughters and sons of my friends and wedding photos.  From coast to coast ,what a vibe!  My people who I kicked it with this weekend–Chu, Randy, Patrick, Gina, Trish–Thanks for hanging tough with me! We hit Casino Parties at the Citrus Club, Re-invention Parties, Corona’s –the Cigar Spot, the drink count was crazy, and you put me into a food coma on Sunday Night!!!  I know we all work 50-65 hour weeks, so it was no easy feat, but you are the reason why I had a great time!

On a more sobering note, I didn’t hear from people whom I have considered friends from over the years.  That was a bit of shock to me.  This last year has been a rocky one, so at times I can take things a bit too seriously, but I was climbing up hill, and that made it worth the struggle.   Old friends have faded, new friends have appeared and even some friendships, that I thought were irreparable,  were mended!

So at last, it is now quiet.  I now have had a chance to reflect a bit on not only the last year, but the last 26 years, and more recently, the last 36 hours. This last year has been an emotionally and spiritually draining one.  I took the road less traveled and am carving my own path in a new area, with no family around me.  I cannot tell you the doubts, frustrations, and even loneliness that i have had to battle over the course of this year.  I have realized that there is no one that can replace the team and family that I left in DC, but I have also realized that there is a reason I left DC, and holding on to times past isn’t fair on myself or those who have made the effort to become my friends and family in the south!   It only slows my progression, it only makes those new people around me begin to feel unappreciated. So my focus is forward.

To promises I made to my friends and family back at home, I will hold myself to them until they are accomplished or I die trying.

Thank you to my friends and fam in the South.  Shout out to the local camp, the super friends, and my new co-workers at evolveALOUD with whom I have the opportunity to build better friendships with.

I am going to end this first entry with a quote that moved me when I read it. It is from Tyler Perry’s Journal in regard to his Mountain Climbing trip in Hawaii:

“Sometimes in life dreams are hard to follow, like that climb. You don’t know how high you’re going or even if you’re moving, but every step, even when you can’t see what’s behind you, will take you closer to your goals. It’s in the climb. I know you may be struggling right now, but you’re in the climb; things may be hard right now, but you’re in the climb; people may not believe in you, but it’s part of the climb. They may take shots at you, but stay in the climb; you may have to stand alone, but you’re in the climb. Even if you’re not where you want to be right now, I want to say to you what she said to me, ‘This is the best part, now turn around.’ Look how far you’ve come. God has not brought you this far to leave you. Stay in the climb.”

-Tyler Perry