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Martial Business: The Brutal Nature of Gentle Influences

I learned in martial arts that a force can be redirected through gentle movements that will take it off its course/target over a distance.  The same way a fist can be moved to miss a target, so can your focus be side-tracked through the gentle influence of your friend’s, family’s, and co-worker’s ambitions for you.

It is easy to head-off and avoid or overcome those direct oppositions that stand in the way of what you want to accomplish in life, but what about those who care for you? Those who have their best intentions for you? Those who have their own vision of what you should do or where you should be within a company?

It is important to remind yourself of your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals EVERYDAY in order to keep yourself on target.

Remember, like in martial arts, a small adjustment or influence may not appear to affect you in the present, but over time you will have missed your target completely!

Is Groupon the Best Strategy for Your Business?

Groupon has had wild success since its inception and earlier this week businesses and media were trying to make sense of this new e-mail tool.  Forbes has recently donned Groupon with the title “fastest growing company…ever.”  There have been a growing number of success stories from many businesses that have seen a surge of new clients when they execute a Groupon campaign offering discounts to the customers who sign up for their daily emails.

Cited from the article Groupon: Is Google Making a $6 Billion Mistake? the Boston barbecue chain Blue Ribbon BBQ offered $15 worth of BBQ for $7.  More than 16,000, people bought the deal which gave the chain a revenue return of $250,000 in less that 24 hours.

But is Groupon right for every business?  There is an unaswered questions that a business needs to consider before investing in a Groupon Campaign:

  • Are these discounted promotions good for your business?

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