An Unexpected Blow Can Propel You..If You Let It

Last night, I had one of the best dreams that I have had in a long time. I had a feeling of peace and internal happiness as I was witnessing scenes that I will one day achieve in my life.

I think during my training session last week at Elite Wushu Academy, a door way opened that I have been struggling to get to and through. I was sparring with one of my Shifus and during the fight, he slipped in a great knee strike-it rocked me. He hit me square in my eye.

In that moment, I felt no anger, no feeling of retaliation. I took a second to compose myself and got right back into the fight, right back into my game plan. This was truly a new level of control and experience for me and has taken me a long time of training consistently (years) to get here.

Not losing focus or becoming enraged opened up some doors. Shakespeare said, “there is no such thing as good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” I took that shot and didn’t judge it, it just was…all my mind told me was “keep going!”

In life, you’ll take some hard blows while working your plan. The natural inclination is to change your strategy, if only to avoid the pain of experiencing another blow like it. I say, the best path is to not internalize it, don’t judge it. See it for what it was and tell your mind (and body).. KEEP GOING!

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