My Entrepreneurial “A ha!” Moment of the Day: Facebook Ads

I’ve been testing out multiple avenues for advertising including Facebook, LinkedIN, and Google Adwords. None have been overly successful BUT I have seen a difference in ROI for Facebook ads if I decide to run an ad that links to a Company Page vs. an External Link to a website. I have also posted different messaging “organically” on my company page and have gotten lack luster “view” results.

In a few short days, I have gone from 312 Company Page Followers to 424. My account notifications stays lit each day (which is great!). On the other side, I have ran ads that link out to my site directly and the ROI (CTR & Impressions) is pitiful for lack of a better term. I just read an article that stated Facebook’s algorithm is in the process of slashing organic reach down to 1-2% and the only way to reach those people (Your company page followers) would be to buy your way to them. <– this makes sense to me because I have seen the results of it, but didn’t know the cause —

Food For Thought — when you are creating your advertising and planning out your campaigns for social media. Understand not only the ROI you what to achieve AND the marketing message, BUT also the algorithms of the platforms you decide to advertise on. This should be done for BOTH organic and paid messages! Hope this helps!


Original article was read on LinkedIN:
Excerpt: “Facebook introduced changes to its news feed algorithm late last year which limits the organic reach of content posted to brand pages. This means those 10,000 people behind the Likes you have on your brand page won’t all see your posted content. How deep is the pain? Valleywag cites a source familiar with Facebook’s strategy claiming the social network is in the process of slashing organic reach down to 1-2%. The only way to reach those people who like your page would be to buy your way through the limitations and pay Facebook to get your post to those people.”

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