Completion.  You know, that feeling of euphoria or satisfaction or relief that you get when you see something through till the end.  The more you pour your heart into it, the more intense that feeling of completion.  You can’t cheat or take short cuts and feel completion in the realest sense.  One must envision an end goal and take every step necessary until that goal is achieved.

I was watching Oprah’s Master Class – Lenny Kravitz, on OWN and Lenny had described an experience that inspired this blog post.  Lenny had a great relationship with his Grandfather, that was his father figure.   Lenny had recently moved to LA with his parents and was enjoying the benefits that came with being the child of famous television stars. His grandfather, whom was the man of his own house at 7, used to wake Lenny in the wee hours of the morning to complete work in the yard. Lenny explained that his grandfather wanted to teach Lenny about completion — how to envision a goal and take each step necessary until you see it through till the end.

A truly inspiring story and a lesson that can be applied to our everyday family and professional lives.  Sometimes we get lost in the cycle of  day-to-day habit and routine whilst claiming a faux sense of completion at the end of it. That need not be the case.

No more shortcuts. Take every step. Envision your goal and see it through to the end.

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