Those Few Extra Minutes

It’s amazing how a few extra minutes can enhance a customer’s experience.

There are 3 levels of service you can give to your customer:

  • avg service
  • memorable service
  • or outstanding service that creates life long customers.

(Anything below avg is never to be considered)

I was chatting with a service agent looking to reset my password on an account. The agent reset my password as requested(avg service). Then, asked if I would like them to stay on the line, while I logged-in, to make sure I had no issues (memorable service). Lastly, before the call ended, they asked if there was any thing on my account or on the website that I would like to review(outstanding service). I never felt rushed.

All of this took place within a 5min time span. My issue was resolved in 1min (password reset), true service was delivered with the remaining time.

What could a few extra minutes do for your business? What about your life?

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